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We respect your privacy and the privacy of your personal information. We only collect, store and use your information for defined purposes. These purposes include supplying service and support for filing Federal and State Tax Returns. To ensure the highest levels of security and confidentiality, we use the services of Tax Act. Tax Act is the web site of 2nd Story Software, Inc. 2nd Story Software is committed to protecting your privacy and data. To review 2nd Story Software privacy statement visit their web site at
or by telephone at (319) 373-3600.

Tax Preparers: Tips on Selecting

There are several choices on how to do your tax return: yourself, use a national tax service, or hire a professional. Before hiring a preparer find out what qualifications and training he or she has. Find out if the business is open year-round, so you will be able to contact them in case problems arise. Watch out for preparers who boast expertise in getting substantial refunds for customers or who guarantee an accurate return with maximum deductions and an ‘instant refund’. Generally the instant refund is a loan on which you must pay interest, and often the interest is unusually high. Another category of tax help is the tax practitioner, which includes attorneys, certified public accountants and federally enrolled agents who have passed the IRS tax examinations. These people are professionals and are permitted to represent you before the IRS. Practitioners are generally retained by people with complex tax situations in higher income brackets, or by those who have recently undergone a major financial change in their lives, such as retirement, divorce or coming into a large sum of money. Before hiring someone to do your taxes, do some comparison shopping. Here are some additional tips: ..Avoid companies that advertise a special relationship with the IRS; ..Never sign a blank tax return; ..Obtain something in writing indicating when your tax forms should be ready; ..Obtain a written quote of the total cost of preparing your tax form, before having any work done; ..Get copies of all tax-related documents for your records. Upon request, the Better Business Bureau can provide you with a list of member companies in this industry. This would be an excellent starting point in selecting your tax preparer.

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